Seth Isler was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, which, back then was pretty much like New Jersey without the glamour. A die-hard, Indians, Browns and Cavs fan to this day, he has suffered the agonizing doormat to doorstep and back again memories that come from such steadfast loyalty.

Seth wears several hats: actor, producer, writer, director, partner. He’s had the pleasure of working as an actor in quality films, theatre and television as well as producing many meaningful documentaries and historical films for television networks and theaters. His collaboration with his partners Susan Jane Sullivan (Jumpingman Productions) and Manny Jimenez (Suspect Entertainment) two of his dearest friends, has allowed him to generate the kind of work that keeps him passionately engaged in the creative process.

Currently Seth works at Indigo Films in Los Angeles as a producer and director on the hit Travel Channel series America Declassified.

He also writes, directs and produces industrial and corporate videos. Additionally, he and his partner, Manny Jimenez have just completed their screenplay East Los, a graphic depiction of LA gang life with a distinct anti-gang message to be produced through their company Suspect Entertainment. Under their Suspect banner, they also have a scripted drama for television as well as a half-hour pilot in development.

Seth recently returned from Atlantic City and Detroit runs of his original, award-winning one-man stage show of The Godfather, co-created with his other partner, Susan Sullivan.


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